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Doggy day care in an iso world

toddler with dog crate

Hi Coffee Lovers!

Dog with toddler in crate

I’d like you to meet my little sister. She’s ok. I mean, I don’t mind her. Especially when she feeds me her breakfast when Mum and Dad aren’t looking. All in all we have a good relationship. Lately she is mobile and learning how to interact with me. Mum and Dad are trying to teach her that I like gentle pats and my own space. Not baby smacks or ear pulling. I think she gets it for the most part, but sometimes she forgets. So I thought I would post here to remind everyone of the three golden rules of engagement when it comes to little people and furry friends like me:

Rule 1

Be gentle with me, for I am not a jungle gym. In case it wasn’t obvious, please don’t let bub climb on me, pull my ears or tail or get in my face too much. If you do, I might get annoyed and snap. Nobody wants that. Least of all, me.

Rule 2

Supervise us so you can make sure bub learns to respect me and my space. If I am eating or drinking from my water bowl, or playing with a toy please don’t let her interrupt me. I know sometimes I don’t follow these rules myself, but if we all try a little harder, we’ll get along just fine.

Rule 3

Teach bub love and compassion. The more love and compassion she has for animals like me, the better. The world can always use more love.

That’s it for today coffee lovers!

xo Audrey (aka the Boss)

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