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Is it ok to scratch yourself during zoom meetings?

Dog zoom meeting

Zoom meeting etiquette....

Hi coffee lovers!


I wanted to check in and see how you are all doing in these crazy COVID times. I’m sorry I haven’t been down to the shop much lately. I have been looking after my family at home and making sre we all stay safe. It’s important that we do that in times like these you know


So, while I have been at home and not able to see my friends as much as I would like, or host fundraisers etc, I started to think, how can I help my friends if everyone is stuck at home?

Dog zoom meeting

The answer came to me from a Llama named Paco. He lives at Sweet Farm in California. In late March 2020, Sweet Farm introduced Goat-2-Meeting (office workers will recognise this as a clever take on your standard Go-to-Meeting). For a fee, people can sign up and Paco or another one of Paco’s farm buddies (they call them animal ambassadors), will attend your next online meeting to inject some joy into what can often be a very dull and pointless experience. You can check out Paco and his friends here:

Anyhow, back to me.

With Paco as my guide, I decided that, for the low low price of AUD$50 I would offer my presence to spice up your Zoom meetings, for as long as I remain interested in what you are talking about. After which point I may simply just walk off camera (haven’t we all wanted to do that at some point?). The proceeds from my highly coveted cameos go to support my friends at Labrador Rescue Australia:

When I set out to spice things up, I didn’t really intend to spice things up, literally. But I did.

See, I forgot for a minute that people could see me. So when the urge struck, I scratched my lady bits. Mum yelled, people laughed. It was all very embarrassing. Much like people forget to wear pants, I simply forgot people could see my every move.

So, to answer the question of the day: No, it is not, in fact, ok to scratch yourself in Zoom meetings. At least not if your camera is on.

x Audrey (aka the Boss)

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