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BARF dog food, what is it?

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BARF is an acronym for
“biologically appropriate raw food” for dogs.  Dogs being carnivores require that around 3/4 of the mix is predominantly meat comprising of bone, protein, flesh, skin, cartilage, fat and offal. The other 1/4 of the mix is a mixture of pre-fermented & pre-digested fruits & vegetables mixed with activated nuts seeds & oats relevant for a dog. 



The reason we advocate feeding this to your dog is that it is meant to simulate what a dog would naturally eat in nature.  A dog in nature would capture its prey tear open the stomach and begin to eat its contents. What a dog eats in nature is exactly what a BARF diet is, 100% raw food pre-fermented & pre-digested by the aid of the preys stomach.  The food source is well balanced and contains all the vital minerals and nutrients that a dog needs. 

Our dog Audrey the Black Lab, came from the canine classroom and was a failed assistance dog, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to welcome her to our family.  Audrey has always been fed a raw diet from when she was a pup.  Audrey is lean and energetic and has a lovely shiny coat excellent teeth and never smells unless she has rolled in something she really shouldn’t have.  Rarely does she suffer from bad breath, if she does we give her a bone and the problem goes away.   Personally I can not recommend enough feeding your dog raw food, our dog is living proof of what a healthy dog should look like. 


The canine class rooms give a great overview of exactly how BARF dog food is made, it is in 2 parts and is well worth watching.

At current we stock Big Dog's core and low allergy range of raw pet food in our cafe and online store which can be bought through the following link; Big dog pet food

The big dog website is a great resource for frequently asked questions regarding feeding your dog BARF

 Another great resource is Bruce Syme’s video on feeding your dog raw bones


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