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All is not lost..... If your dog has a dog tag !

Lost dog toddler car

Lost dog with toddler

Today the Black Lab Coffee family was driving to the car wash when we saw this adorable Cavoodle hanging out in the middle of a busy road. She had no road sense and was clearly on the lam. In fact, it was very lucky she was not hurt. We were not about to leave her there, so we pulled over and called out to her. Happily, the cars stopped, she came running toward us and we scooped her up and into safety.

Within 5 minutes we were able to contact her owner. All because this little girl had a dog tag engraved with her name and phone number. A couple of hours later, she was back where she belonged, safe and sound (and full of treats).

We can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure your pet has a dog tag with details that are up to date. As well as a microchip, with details that are up to date!

Think of it as a kind of pet insurance. If your pet jumps the fence, whoever finds her can call you directly and she can be home with you in a flash. If she slips her collar, she can still be taken to the vet to have her microchip scanned and you can be reunited before she is moved to the animal shelter (which, in case you didn’t know, happens pretty quickly when they are taken to the vet and will, in most cases, cost you money depending on how long she is held at the shelter before you collect her).

What to put on pets dog tag?

It should go without saying that dog name tags and microchip records with Central Animal Records need to be up to date otherwise it can be hard to re-unite you with your beloved pet. So take a few minutes today to check that your details are up to date! Dog tag engraving is easy and getting your dogs name and a mobile number on a tag usually take around 15minutes

In Australia you can do this by visiting the Central Animal Records website:

Dog tags can be purchased and engraved by following this link

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