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Is a Labrador the dog for you?

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Labrador retrievers are great family dogs that drop a lot of hair

Like people labradors are all different. Firstly the obvious one; they come in black brown and yellow.  Generally speaking they are very sociable and a want to spend every minute with you. They have a tremendous food drive and will clean up after your toddler like no other dog. 

Fun fact: a litter of Labrador retrievers can consist of all different colours in the one litter

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Labrador retrievers are strong athletic dogs

Labradors are definitely not lazy. Like most dogs your Labrador will sleep 12-14hrs per day but when they're awake they want to be exercised.  Our Labrador loves to go walking, as soon as I grab the handle on the drawer with her lead she is already doing donuts in the living room.  Labradors are strong and can pull on their leash so the person on the other end needs to be fit and healthy.  Labradors are prone to gaining weight so regular exercise is must and a BARF diet is worth considering early on. 

Labradors live for around 10-14years, so get use to the hair

Labradors are not a hypoallergenic dog, they shed hair regularly and need to be brushed weekly.  They range in weight from around 25-30kg and need plenty of space to roam around, a back yard with grass is a good start.

Are Labradors safe with families?

Labradors put family first, they are incredibly patient with babies and toddlers.  Our toddler really tests our Labrador, I am never concerned about leaving the room for a minute with our Labrador and toddler together however we do practice separation of the two from time to time just to give them a break from one another.  Read our blog on Doggy day care in an ISO world. Labradors do have a lot of energy and can get excited before walks and being fed so make sure your child is not the path of the ensuing donuts

Can you train a Labrador?

Because of Labradors strong food drives they make great dogs to train, they will pick up basic command and learn new tricks fairly quickly.

Are Labradors good guard dogs?

It all depends on the Labrador, our Labrador is a pretty good guard dog she will bark when she hears something outside. Some Labradors are not great guard dogs, we know of one in particular who comes to the shop who is scared of hair dryers

So is a Labrador the right dog for you?

Just remember they chew things like crazy when they are puppies.  There hair will magically appear in every dinner you cook for the next 10-14 years. They need regular exercise, but will keep you fit and healthy if you walk them regularly.  Your kids will love them and have fond memories of growing up with them well after they have passed. 
The views here are based on personal experiences and by no means are they to be taken as fact.  Labradors are all different just like people. 

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