Black Lab Coffee

5% from every sale of this product is donated to Labrador Rescue 

The little things make the difference

    Help your dog put their best paw forward when strolling the neighbourhood or walking to your local coffee shop.  This beautifully designed hand crafted dog lead is 100% natural cotton and is incredibly durable.  This lead is designed for bigger dogs like Labrador retrievers or other medium to large breeds that pull on the lead, the natural cotton allows for some stretch when walking, reducing jolts from a reactive or pulling dog.  The lead features a leather handle for comfort and durability when handling your dog. The Black Lab Coffee classic dog lead is a great pairing with the Black Lab Coffee Leather Dog Collar.

    Fun and Functional

    This Black Lab Coffee Classic Dog Lead is built of the right stuff.  The leather handle is connected by a 3 way connection system so you never have to worry about your dog breaking free.

    1. 2 x snap fit steel fasteners

    2. double stitched leather overlap

    3. glued for extra strength

    rope dog lead with leather handle

    dog lead leather handle glued joint

    Durable and Stylish

    The hardware used for the Black Lab Coffee Classic Dog Lead has been selected to stand the test of time.  The solid brass fittings are the same fittings that are used on yachts so no more worries about your wet dog prematurely rusting the connectors. The brass hardware is connected via the traditional hand splicing technique favoured by sailors.  When done correctly rope splicing can maintain up to 80 -100% of the original rope strength as opposed to knotted ropes that significantly reduce the rope strength. (strength comparison) The spliced rope is whipped at the end to prevent fraying.

    4. Solid brass snap hook

    5. Hand spliced join with whipping

    black dog lead with brass spring clip

    Lets face it dogs like to chew things and that's why we designed the Black Lab Coffee Classic Dog Lead with rope.  The beauty of rope is that it spreads allowing dogs teeth to slide between the strands. The rope leads are not 100% bullet proof but they should last longer than leather or other synthetic equivalents when it comes to a naughty dog. 


    Handle: Black leather 

    Rope: 100% cotton rope hand spliced.  

    Hardware: Solid brass, expect that overtime the brass with form a natural patina giving the product an appealing aged look. 


    1650mm in length and 19mm wide.